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How a leading carsharing company successfully onboard customers and recovers abandoned registrations with automations.
Łukasz Wasilewski
Marketing Specialist at innogy go!
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As a carsharing company offering fully digital interactions, we have been dealing with a significant number of registration abandonments - users need to provide much more data than in any ecommerce. With we implemented multichannel recovery campaigns and each month about 6% of our new clients come from these recovery activities.

Łukasz Wasilewski
Marketing Specialist at innogy go!


innogy go! is a carsharing platform offering quick and easy access to 500 electric vehicles in Warsaw, Poland. All users’ interactions with the company are carried out via mobile app. The innogy go! fleet is 100% electric and covers 2 vehicle types: BMW i3 – available for everyone who installs the app – and premium BMW i3s which pricing is exactly the same as of BMW i3 but its availability is restricted only to the most active innogy go! customers.

Innogy go

Goals they want to achieve with

The key objective for the innogy go! team was to introduce a CRM collecting data about customers' journeys from different sources and have a detailed overview in one system. Thanks to this they would be able to implement different automation types and in result engage and convert users into action at the best moment.

In addition, they aimed at using marketing automation system to optimize conversion rate of completed registrations and increase a number of recurring customers.

What they achieved so far:

innogy go! is one of the most advanced clients in terms of deep integration with a bunch of systems via REST API and usage of mobile SDK.

One of the successes they are particularly happy about is the efficiency of their abandoned registrations recovery campaign – each month 6% of all finalized registrations are those reactivated thanks to the campaign.

In addition, the team has been extremely satisfied with the onboarding campaigns. For the first onboarding campaign message, an average OR amounts to 58%. In general, for any email campaign created by innogy go!, OR never falls below 30%, because most of them are sent at the right time to precisely targeted users who are really interested in a given message.

If you want to learn the details of how innogy go! uses, continue reading below.

How the team finds success using

innogy go! has successfully connected with other systems used on a daily basis and created one source of comprehensive knowledge about their customers. To achieve their business goals, they have been using:

REST API – thanks to API integration they send data from and to other systems, mainly the CMS integrating data about customers and their rentals. It brings huge additional value as thanks to cross-systems flows they enrich data automatically tracked by with such information pieces as: frequency of rentals, real/without discounts cost of a single rental, purchased subscriptions/vouchers , and many others.

Mobile SDK – as the innogy go! mobile app is the key touchpoint in the business, they use to track the customers’ app behaviour and trigger click- based actions in real time. For example, after a completed ride user clicks a feedback button, he/she will see a popup with a short question to assess a vehicle’s cleanliness.

Events, Advanced user tracking and Segmentation – thanks to events and additional custom attributes collected by or sent to, the innogy go! team has built a complex segmentation system that enables targeting different groups of users with personalized messages. In addition, the availability of premium vehicles is based on the segmentation – only a segment of users who have met particular criteria related to activities and behavior in the app will get access to that option.

Aggregators – this is a useful feature for calculating total count of event occurrences per user or for a given group of users over a given time period. Thanks to aggregated data, it is possible to enrich the segmentation model with additional variables.

Mobile push campaigns – as mobile app is the main touchpoint, push notifications are one of the 2 key communication channels for innogy go! (apart from emails). They use this channel to send mass campaigns (e.g. targeted at everyone who has installed the app) that require immediate reaction or communicate limited-time deals. For example, some time ago they used push notifications to inform about a special one-day Sunday deal and over 15% of recipients used promo code..


Emails – innogy go! sends many different campaigns using both simple and automated emails. They are especially proud of their onboarding campaign, which changes depending on users behaviour and helps new registrants get along with the application. In addition, as the team was struggling with a big number of inactive users that registered the app but never made it to the first renting, they use emails to nurture and encourage inactive new joiners until they make the first ride. For those who convert to the first drive quickly, they created another campaign that aims at keeping them engaged in a longer run. Apart from that, they created a few automated campaigns triggered by different user actions – reactivation after some time without rental, additional codes after renewing subscription and many others. They also use email as the right channel to inform about special deals, terms & conditions updates or invite to NPS or feedback surveys. Another example of how innogy go! makes use of emails (in combination with web push notifications) is their abandoned registration recovery campaign.

Dashboards – a very useful module to get a quick overview of current app usage and customers behaviour or to monitor selected KPIs. Used by team members to be up-to-date and also by managers – for evaluation purposes.

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With mobile SDK and transferring data through REST API, we have successfully connected many systems and created a single source of truth about our current and potential customers. took our behaviour-based communication to the whole new level.

Łukasz Wasilewski
Marketing Specialist at innogy go!
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