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How to enhance your agency with Live Chat and Marketing Automation and drive conversion and customer communication.
Justin Wood
Founder at KRFTWRK
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"We’ve found that marketing software often has a disconnect between the marketing cloud and integration within a product or an app, like push notifications, which can be incredibly valuable for our customers, and this is where is able to stand out."

Justin Wood
Founder at KRFTWRK


The team at KRFTWRK is a Toronto based Agency working on design and front-facing websites that specialize in helping companies set up their branding, UX, and product to hit their full potential when releasing a new product. Despite the current world situation and the competitive scene in the area, they’re growing nicely, while producing some super exciting projects for their clients, taking each step at a time.

With a focus on product marketing, strategy, and design, they’ve been able to find their niche and make their brand and designs stand out and follow up with marketing and promoting. Customer experience and user experience are the keys to their company.

Most of what they are helping solve are issues from their clients and their companies, which are usually software-based. When they help resolve problems, they can keep coding to a minimum, increase performance, and help improve the image and creativity of the brand.

How they’ve found working with

In the past, they were using Drift and found that the pricing was really making them drift away. There was some pushback from clients that it was too high and increasing with each year. KRFTWRK didn’t feel like, with operations, they were getting the value from the product over at Drift, and when they saw, they felt there was a pretty robust set of features and tools at a price that was very competitive to other players on the market, and that it was time for a switch.

In addition, many of their clients are looking for a tool with Live Chat, and Marketing Automation features tend to be in the startup or mid-market phase, who would like to have access to a lot of features, but not pay the exorbitant prices that often come with the product range.

Problems & Solutions:

While the team is just putting the final touches on their website and still want to unlock the full potential and their discovery with — as an agency, they are really excited to learn and to be able to present the possibilities of to the brands they’ve worked with and implement the features with those companies who are looking for a marketing product.


Experimenting with features:

One of the most interesting things they found was, because they’re a product marketing company, the integrations has with API. They are able to take it and integrate that into customer’s actual product. The potential for other opportunities with integration is super exciting too, something that they’re looking forward to using more of in the future.

Over time, they’ve found that often most marketing software stacks have a disconnect between the marketing cloud and integration with a product or being able to use that in-app, but this is where is able to stand out. The fact that there is integration with in-app, like push notifications, can be incredibly valuable for customers.

They are excited about the future and where is headed — they are 100% looking forward to setting up and getting the team connected with email marketing campaigns, push notifications, and in-depth automations plus taking further advantage of the funnel and sales part of the CRM.

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"We didn’t feel like with our operations, we were getting the value from the product over at Drift, and when we saw, we felt like here was a tool with a pretty robust set of features at a super competitive price to Drift or Hubspot."

Justin Wood
Founder at KRFTWRK
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