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How a graphic design agency has been able to reinvent itself as an agency and a SaaS for the digital age with help from an all-in-one CRM automation solution.
Michael Feer
Managing Partner, Marketing & Communication at elias®
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"The way that it all works together is great; from the calendar, the CRM, the automation, the popups, the chatbot, the call center; all integrated. There are some limitations - as with anything - but overall, the solution delivers exactly what is needed."

Michael Feer
Managing Partner, Marketing & Communication at elias®


LST AG comes from a wealth of history, celebrating 50 years on the market in 2021, first as a classic graphic design company. The founder focused on printing technology for most of the business, and in the last three decades, they have moved into the digital space as a digital agency and recently as a content publishing hub.

Four years ago, they decided to invest in the next evolution of the brand and built an online editing system elias®. The system helps teams to easily create and publish their corporate publications all by themselves. The system publishes across needed media and helps companies creating annual reports, fact sheets, media releases, datasheets, user manuals, teaching materials, and tons more in a much more cost-efficient way. There is no need for any complicated software - elias® delivers a professional publishing experience on both, digital and physical communication channels - regardless of time, place, and device.

How they found

As elias® was developing the business for the digital sector, they looked for solutions beyond spreadsheets to help them with more powerful automation and integration into the website for their potential customers.

When first setting up their website, LST tested different options, from Mailchimp to ActiveCampaign, Hubspot, and many others. Still, when they needed some integrated solution for sales and automated CRM, there was nothing available or only with very limited features.

With, they quickly saw an amazing potential that even was a mind shift in how they developed their website to better connect client information and customer data to tracking and automatic integration with all the other solutions offered beyond automation.

What they needed was to have control of all the data of how people react to emails (open & clickthrough rates, etc.) while and being able to present the information to clients. A collaborative CRM system and a place to make and report calls were vital to what they were looking for. They found that they were available in the customer timelines, the CRM, and data could be broken down or analyzed with dashboards.

Using all these different features, from popups to HTML blocks, gives the possibility of unique and dynamic content to help personalize pages deliver a unique custom experience to visitors.

How helps:

Firstly, helps by having a central hub and one source of data for everything. Their team can branch off into all the different use cases, from CRM, calendar, popups to even integrating the chatbot. The solution delivers integration with their website and helps pull everything together under one roof.

Early on, they bought into the idea of a full automation suite for elias®. In a joint session, they were able to plan goals and feel like there was a possibility to make it happen together while being well taken care of. We’ve helped implement a solution for their brand to achieve those goals.


What they’ve been able to achieve:

  • Access to their fully centralized customer data.
  • The platform has enabled better means of communication with customers.
  • Newsletters have been super easy to send and make easy changes.
  • With marketing automation, they don’t have to wait to prove the concepts.
  • Integration has proven effective, and the platform has been a success for them.

elias® is still growing and will be a future product. As such, will be something they want to rely on in the future. They are planning to expand their organic search and, with it, increase their conversion. With, they feel as though they can achieve their entire strategy while improving conversions.

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" was a promise, and our team bought into the idea. Together with, we defined goals and felt taken care of, turning ideas into implemented strategies."

Michael Feer
Managing Partner, Marketing & Communication at elias®
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