How, with the support of User.com's partner DP Media, WIMIN improved its marketing strategies, experiencing increased engagement and revenue. Through segmentation, unobtrusive pop-ups, and accessible chat support, WIMIN enhanced lead generation and customer interaction.
Piotr Pliszka
Business Owner, DP Media
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"We've been impressed with the reliability and user-friendliness of User.com. It's a robust platform that has never let us down, and its intuitive interface makes managing our marketing activities effortless."

Piotr Pliszka
Business Owner, DP Media


WIMIN is a brand dedicated to creating menstrual underwear and supplements specifically designed for women, by a team of women. At the heart of the brand lies empathy; they listen intently to your needs, collaborating closely to find and test solutions that truly make a difference. All materials used in crafting WIMIN underwear are OEKO-TEX certified, guaranteeing they meet high environmental and health standards.

About DP Media

DP Media is User.com partner, who is working on daily basis with WIMIN Team. DP Media Team’s mission is to provide services tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Alongside a team of international experts specializing in the fashion, beauty, pharmaceutical, automotive, and real estate industries, they ensure unique and tailored actions.With speed and a flexible approach, DP Media team accompany WIMIN Team in the world of digital marketing, making understanding easier and maximizing results.

Why WIMIN chose User.com

🛠Needed advanced functionalities beyond previous tools

🔗Sought integration and data management in one platform

💵Found User.com cost-effective with better value and customization

How User.com helped

Data Segmentation: Advanced segmentation strategies in email marketing activities

Traffic Deanonymization: Used pop-ups for lead generation and conversion

Email Marketing: Implemented automated nurturing campaigns, educational content, and abandoned cart campaigns

24-Hour Support through Chat: Implemented live chat for real-time engagement and lead generation


 👉Up to 27% open rates and successful email campaigns,

 👉Generating 9% revenue from June 2023 to January 17th, 2024,

 👉Chat and pop-ups utilized to generate leads,

 👉Real-time chat services enhanced support and engagement,

 👉 Increase in the email marketing database thanks to led strategies,

 👉Analytics and customer feedback used for informed decision-making and optimized marketing strategies.

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